Sewer Overflows

One of the most problematic situations faced by any household is of sewerage overflow. If you experience this and you live in the Seattle, then try this Seattle Sewer Repair service.

Sewer overflow, surprisingly, occurs not just due to infiltration of clean water, broken pipelines and usage of inappropriate materials in the sewerage system but more occasionally due to negligence and poor sanitary habits of the inhabitants of a house.

Sewer overflows are threatening in the sense that they pose a risk to not only the property but to human health too. Some of the rudimentary steps that can be taken to contain damage when the sewer overflows are:

  1. If you intend to clear the affected area by yourself then the first step is personal safety: gloves, masks, washable clothes or overalls and eye protectors.
  2. If the overflow happens inside the house then the sewer blockage must be cleared at once with the help of a professional plumber.
  3. The affected surface must then be thoroughly disinfected by a solution of household bleach with water (1:10).
  4. To prevent the growth of microbes or germs, the cabinets and closets must be properly vacuumed and allowed to dry completely.
  5. Additionally if the damage to indoor is extensive then the walls (if concrete) must be washed out thoroughly and allowed to dry off and if wallboards are present then there is no better solution than to replace them.
  6. If the sewer overflow happens outside your house then the contaminated surface soil must be immediately removed from the impacted area.
  7. Garden lime must be hosed off on the remaining area. It is even better to cover the affected area with dirt, if it is in open and allow to settle it for day or too. Garden lime can afterwards be sprinkled on it.
  8. It is important to let the affected area get dried with sun before the sewerage system is allowed access it again.

These steps, if taken timely, will be helpful in lessening the damage caused by sewer overflows.